Don't Tell Mommy!

Me and papa have a secret we don’t tell mommy. Snow Pictures presents A short 2D animation with light ecchi. CONTENTS 1x HD 1280×720 size MP4 movie (11:50 runtime) 7x 786×1298 size JPEG screenshots * NOTICE No texts, no voice. Background music only. ************************************************************** STORY When mommy is out, papa likes to touch my special place. I’m shy but papa is so gentle and it makes me feel really good and hot inside… Papa’s got a big thing that I can fit in my mouth, and sometimes I spread my feet with no panties under the kotatsu, and shy stuff like that. I’m not allowed to tell mommy. I love papa. Mommy would understand that, right? Sorry, mommy. I’m such an ecchi little girl.

Circle:snow pictures



Release date:Feb/16/2016