Tapioca Milk - shower room of desire!

This original CG novel is fully in English! * Main Features 16 main erotic images + 43 variations for 59 images And a further 9 non-erotic images for 68 images total 1280×960 size * Bonus Features 62 images without story/narration or effects 1600×1200 size * Please note that the narration is from the male POV (very few female dialogue) * Warning: depicts some mock pregnancy and childbirth * Story A lolicon otaku stares inappropriately at a little girl. He is her new neighbor. He doesn’t say anything, but he keeps staring her. Head to toe, openly fantasizing. Her name is Natsumi Toba. His eyes linger on her coquettish body. She is uncomfortable by his gaze. When she wears a swimsuit to the waterpark knowing he can see her makes her feel sick. But fun at the waterpark outshines her unpleasant feelings. In the showers at the park she encounters a jelly-like creature. Its squirming limbs caress her inner thigh and stroke delicately across her chest. At first she’s terrified, but the touching makes her tingle in special places. Gradually she becomes intoxicated with the lukewarm fluid and begins to crave its pleasure. Several times she visits the creature. She tells a friend about her secret garden. But what she doesn’t know is that this creature that she loves most in all the world is actually the man she hates more than anything else. And without knowing, she indulges a deepening lust.

Circle:Bingo Tart


Genre:Loli,Middle-age,Swimwear,Internal Cumshot,Childbirth,Tentacle

Release date:Jan/07/2014