Lost Under Their Feet!

A group of scientists created a liquid called shrink juice, this liquid can shrink anyone who dares to drink! The main scientist of this project, decided to take the liquid to his home before the main meeting. His son decided to do a party in this day with his friends, so, when they were preparing the house for the party, the boys saw the shrink juice bottle and decided to drink by thinking it’s some kind of cherry cocktail or blue vodka. So, all boys have a bug size now and before any of them could escape, the little sister arrived from school with another girls to help his brother to prepare the house for the party (but the poor boy and his friends have a bug size now). The product comes in two video files, the first video is the prelude in comic style telling the full history. The second video is the sequence, and it’s all animated, showing the schoolgirls killing the tiny boys with their dirty bare feet.

Circle:Giantess Fetish

Categories:Software,Anime / Loli / Submitting Boy / School Animation

Genre:Fetish,Loli,Younger Sister,School,SM

Release date:Jul/25/2017