Affect3D - Girlfriends 4 Ever!

Check out the PV: When a woman and a futanari meet, the reaction is pure XXX chemistry! These two’s relationship is wetter, wilder and more intimate than anything they’ve ever experienced. * THE BACKSTORY Tara and Sayako recently met and started hooking up. But Sayaka’s a got a little… well, you might say a huge secret. To be specific, she’s packing nearly 14 inches of eyewatering huge c*ck, and once Tara sees she CANNOT UNSEE. One day she yields to temptation, giving that meaty behemoth a guzzle that Sayako will never, ever forget. Tara puts her whole throat into things, but her heart is hesitant. She’s never taken a c*ck that big, and certainly not on another woman. Plus she has a boyfriend. But her brain is wet and broke with visions of Sayaka’s throbbing f*cklog. She can’t sleep. She closes her eyes and sees its engorged head cumming at her and she wants it so bad. One night at a party, Tara’s desire reaches critical mass. She takes Sayaka by the hand, pulls her to a private room… … and that’s where Girlfriends 4 Ever starts!! RIGHT NOW! * THE CONTENTS Girlfriends 4 Ever is a mindblowing 3D pornfest from Affect3D, playable in Adobe Flash. – Cut scenes: 5 (between 1 min – 2 min 30 sec) – Sex scenes: 7 scenes x 4-5 looping angles (32 total cuts) – Main runtime: about 20 minutes – Positions: Lotus Rose (vaginal penetration), Overhead blowjob, Amazon straddler (vaginal sex), Doggystyle anal, Standing anal, etc. – Special scenes: 10 looping bonus scenes x 2-3 angles (25 total cuts) – Special runtime: about 7 minutes – Features & fetishes: Tara/Sayako’s masturbation, 360-degree camera, Major tits, Gapeface (ahegao), All c*ck and no balls (kintama nuki), Anaglyphic 3D (put on your glasses!), X-ray mode, Nude walk, Penis zoom – Controls: Play, Pause, Loop angle, Loop position, Speed control, Skip, Special scene, Playlist editor, more



Genre:Big Breasts,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Sep/16/2014