MISOSOGI (English version)!

Check out the sample video here: https://chobit.cc/bdrwe *This is the English version of MISOSOGI (RE128260). *This version does not contain the 4-panel comics and variations for color illustrations included in MISOSOGI (RE128260). https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE128260.html [Adult-oriented original BL from HARIKONOTORA] [Petite shota x strong-willed shonen] On the theme of younger (smaller!) dominating older (chibi seme) Premise For his responsibility in the injury of the King of the Six Dragons, blackdragon Fuhan is sent to the realm governed by whitedragons— Relationship dynamic This is HARIKONOTORA’s first shota x shonen R-18 comic Fellatio, irrumatio, body kisses, nipple kisses, sex with ejaculation inside, more 88+4 page comic + 88 + 4 suntan versions and others. Grand total of 191 pages Circle’s information page (written in English) : https://harikonotoraya.net/eng/ Circle’s information blog (written in English) : https://eng-blog.harikonotoraya.net/


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Shota,Yandere,Younger Man (Dominant),Tough Guy (Submissive),Yaoi,Coercion/Compulsion

Release date:Nov/07/2014