NTR Wife 04 - Bitch-anca!

See the different faces of the noble wife Bianca, when she make love with her husband (The Legendary Hero), and when she mate with the Horse Demon. Everyone will see Bianca as a perfect wife when she with the Hero but they didnt know her dark secret. Everytime the Hero set off for new journey, Bianca will invite the Horse Demon to her bedroom. Then she will become a slutty cheating wife that lust so much for the giant penis of the great Horse Demon :3 CG Only (14 pages) Story Mode (12 pages) Total : 26 pictures (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Married Woman,Cheating,Cuckoldry,Bestiality

Release date:May/13/2017