~Onsen Hime ~ August 2011 Issue!

The newest issue of ~Onsen Hime~ is finally here! It’s been a while, but we’re back and striking a new pose as we tour the (sensual) world of Arkasia!! We start our tour with some hot babes from the Regency of Dylonia. In this issue we have pictorials of Elizabeth Vonntain, the Amazon woman of your dreams, Ameria Rejuvonii, the local shrine ‘maiden next door’ and finally, Kiera Savigony the shy yet endearing merchant girl. Check out the newest, hottest issue of ~Onsen Hime~ and it’s 41 pages of exotic and erotic pics and in-depth articles on these hotties!!


Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Masturbation,Big Breasts

Release date:Sep/10/2011