Something In The Water - Origins!

Something In The Water – Origins is the story of a young woman who is tired of being small and scrawny. One day she comes across a scientist couple who need someone to test their height/muscle growth serum on. The young woman isn’t the only female who gets to try a growth serum, and some of the serums work much faster than others. The first half of the story is a slow growth story where one of the girls slowly grows larger and more muscular every day throughout a 5 day period. She has lots of sex with various partners including a female which accelerates her growth. The second half is 1 other girl who grows very large and muscular thanks to the serum and much much faster than the first girl. The last part of the story has the third girl growing larger and more muscular as well. The story contains female growth, medium female muscle growth and large female muscle growth, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, height growth, guy on amazon sexual activities, amazon on short girl sexual activities, amazon mini giantess giving oral to guy, amazon mini giantess giving oral to another amazon mini giantess, 3 way between large muscular 12′ amazon, 8′ muscular amazon and 6′ man,. The girls grow to tall woman height, then mini giantess, between 8-12 feet tall by the end of the story. All the girls grow more muscular to different extents, but still retain a feminine shape and large breasts. The growing is caused by a couple different serums and is accelerated by sex. All characters are 18 or older. All images are widescreen size, 1920×1080.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:Jun/26/2012