The Gateway to Magic Master  English version Vol.1 -Magic Shield-!

The Gateway to Magic Master English version Vol.1 -Magic Shield- This lesson is most suitable for a person wanting to become Wizard and a witch. Learning magic for real! Hi! I’m the master witch. I’ll teach you some fundamental magic to make you become a professional witch. Today’s lesson is about the Magic Shield. You form it with your mental strength. The Magic Shield is a spell which protects your mind and body from invisible attacks such as evil spirits, misfortune and psycho attacks by summoning strong protection around you repelling external malice trying to confuse your mind and curses. This spell is one of the most important and fundamental ones to become a witch. You can easily learn magic like a game. You will learn the skill of the Light Shield, too. * Moe character Master Witch chan is cute! * Anime & manga style magic lesson. For those who: – want to become a magical hero – can sense the evils of others – have a supernatural acuteness – yearn for a better, more just world – daydream and fantasize – are creative – can mentally see things with great detail – retain a childlike spirit of wonder – want to forget about the harsh real world for even a short time – are ready to wield the wand of justice Length: 11 min Free demo (MP3, 192kbps) Full version (MP3, 320kbps) * STAFF Master Witch Voice: Ayame Himekawa Illustrator: Yushi Murakami Translator: Hitomi Murakami Producer: Windress



Genre:Moe,Girl,Magical Girl,Witch,Occult,Magic

Release date:Oct/13/2016