The English language version of Sweet’s mega-popular transgender & sex training manga!! 62 main pages +16 bonus pages. 550×772 size. An otoko no ko with one-sided desire traps and feminizes Takumi, the protagonist. With freebie total subservience bonus. Enjoy Takumi’s feelings as if they’re your own! Comments from Japanese readers: I want a sequel so bad. You should completely tame the transformed girl until she’s an obedient bitch. I love the breakdown method! The metamorphosis is really appealing. Humiliation and downfall are the best! Takumi’s feelings are irresistable. They’re both so cute!

Circle:Amulai Sweet Factory

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Otoko no ko,Feminized,Transsexual,Uniform,Maid,Sexual Training

Release date:Aug/06/2014