Young Heiress 1!

Rachel has it all, she’s a wealthy eighteen years heiress, she’s beautiful, and anything she wants she gets…at least until she gets into some deep legal trouble. Luckily for the blonde beauty her Step-mother is friends with the Judge in her case and is able to get her lovely daughter off. Not so luckily Step-mommy dearest gets herself assigned the eighteen year old hellion’s guardian until she’d twenty-one. Even worse Step-mother has a long program of reform planned for her wayward charge, that will see Rachel bound and tormented as the plaything of her step parents fetish desires. If that wasn’t bad enough Rachel’s arch enemy from school Linda has taken a job as her Step-mother’s very kinky Maid and will very much enjoy tormenting Rachel as the beauty is forced into tight latex bondage, adult baby costumes and absolute sexual submission. But what happens when Linda over steps her bounds a little, and will Rachel accept her new life or will she have a chance to escape her bonds? One thing’s for certain, a couple of weeks in jail for shoplifting seems much more appealing now… Our bondage comics contain 10 pages in 2976 x 4096 (4k resolutions).


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Fantasy


Release date:Jun/20/2016