[ENG Sub] Takarasagashi no Natsuyasumi [Second Part]

Back to those summers, when someone’s misplaced dirty magazine became your treasure. Another long day is over. This is the second part of this 3DCG animation series with a 2D aesthetic. Take yourself back to those summer days when you were young, and let yourself be healed by this sexy lady. Must-see tenderness, entwined tongues, deep-throating, massive creampies, bulging bellies, gushing orgasms, breast milk… [Notice] This work contains depictions of inside the throat, inside the vagina, and inside the mouth. MP4 format Main scenario: approx. 46 minutes Full HD quality (1920×1080) This work utilizes chapter markers. Some content may be upgraded in the future, so we recommend you purchase after registering! Story It was summer vacation in the countryside where buses seldom came. The bus stop at the field of sunflowers is where our secret began. After falling for her charms, I couldn’t stop at just foreplay… (Text: English / Voice: Japanese)



Genre:Lots of White Cream / Juices,Successive Orgasms,3D Works,Shota,Oneesan / Older Girl / Older Sister,Naughty / Lewd,Squirting / Gushing,Big Breasts

Release date:07/21/2023