Maiden Machine Assault VI Dark Master -Climax Training- Extreme Motion! PremiumX [ENG]

The young and pure bodies of schoolgirls are explored by the machines. Struggle as they might, the cold and ruthless rape from the machinery starts to fill them with pleasure… 97 minutes of hardcore 3D anime machine sex! A work 4 years in the making! We’ve put that time into creating our highest quality work yet! – Story – Souta is a regular school boy on a class trip to Kyoto During the trip, he sees his classmate Mana being dragged away by a mysterious robot. Following it, he arrives at a strange and unknown place, and sees something he shouldn’t have… Finally, he finds out the secret of the mysterious girl Erika and her master. Characters Erika ~The Resistance Girl~ A mysterious girl who fights as a part of the resistance against the robots. In Souta’s class, but he has no memory of her. A cool and calculating girl with endurance honed by countless battles with sexual machines. Mana ~A Friendly Classmate~ A kind and cheery girl in Souta’s class. A shrine girl unaware of the special power she possesses. Rape machines exceeding human knowledge Featuring devilish rape devices such as: The Hot Spring Massage Chair The Pleasure Ping-pong Racket & Ball The Deflowerer The Clit Dick Pump with Pseudo-Cumming The DDT6 (DevilDeepThroater6) The FUCKIN WONDER CHAIR The Pleasure Saber The Climax Simulator The Underlip Sync The Contact Pleasure Glove The Vibrator Minigun See the official site for detailed descriptions. Voice Acting Erika: Ao Inukai Mana: Yuu Shimotsuki Contents 97 minute video 1280×720 resolution MP4 format (H.264/AVC AAC) Official Website This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Maiden Machine Assault VI Dark Master -Climax Training- Extreme Motion! PremiumX [JP] (RE281691)”



Genre:Successive Orgasms,3D Works,Uniform,Bondage,Violation,Restraint,Machine Sex,Big Breasts

Release date:07/01/2020