【script reveal】yandere base ball team assistant

■please■ 1 give a ☆5and a good review 2Please spread the word on SNS。 then I’ll be able to make more games thank you for your support ■Cast introduction■ yandere lab twitter https://twitter.com/yandereLAB please follow voice actor https://twitter.com/ibaravoice support site https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/12159/plan 【script reveal】yandere base ball team assistant “Whew ” finished with ball polishing use them nicely ok! but i’m finally geting use to being the team assistant i’m finally able to work on my own excuseme? is anybody here? oh… senpai is he sleeping he’s so cute when even he’s a sleep i could look at this all day fell a sleep will looking at his phone practice is always hard no wonder his tierd soon he retires I’m going to miss him when i just joined he always cheered me up when i made a mistake it was only a year ago but it feels like a long time a go he’s Always so nice and talked to me and so cute I don’t wana say good bye I still wana see him after he retires wnen he wakes up I’m going to tell him my feeling that i like him oh his got an messege on his phone is….this….no… I diden’t know you were like that senpai I’m shocked i guss even I tell him my feeling he’s not going yo look at me even when there’s a girl that loves you so so much i got an idea sleep will for now there we go this should be good enough th internet said this will make him feel good is it geting hard? hay good morning senpai did you sleep will? every one else already left you and me are the only ones here are you wondering why you’re being tied up to a chair? I actualy have a favor to ask I wana know you password for your phone the reasoning dosen’t matter I just wana know are you not going to tell me? really? wll that dosen’t give me any other choise what? i”m just going to make you feel good i heard that when you suck a guys dick it feels good for them (sound of jacking his dick) of it’s twitching it’ feels good dosen’t it you about to cum ok there cum here…here aw that’s a lot still coming out that’s interesting no more? please cum more haha your fighting it I tied you very will you going have to try harder then that i heard that it tickles when you tuch it after you cum do you want me yo stop? then tell me your password Hurry up finally you told me there we go I knew it it say’s 「i enjoyed the date yesterday」 this girl says「when can i see you next?」 your dating multiple woman i diden’t know you were such a jerk I’wonder what every one would think I won’t till anyone but from now you just need to look at me haha your looking at my boobs so much and your dick is still hard no need for condom let’s feel good together aw nnn I wanted to give my virginity to you senpai it feels good when i move like this right? awwww It feels so good hay senpai i always liked you so will you like me back? hannn aww han senpai it’s not good for your body when you hold back let’s cum to gether han I’m going to cum haaaaaann Whew that was so good you were enjoing this with other girls weren’t you senpai’s cum is inside me so much I may have got pregnent your going have take responsibility won’t you ill keep a copy of your messege and send might be a good idea to send it to the soccer team you know what to do right? yes yes ill block the other girl’s for you I’m so happy that i can be you’r girl friend don’t betray me ok …. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Yandere Voice


Genre:ASMR,Yandere,Internal Cumshot,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:12/07/2022