Devote Your Body to Making Eroge! 6 ~Lady Killer Chapter~

※Please be well prepared before you listen. “Ah, sorry for coming in and tying you to that chair. You must be confused, but hear me out. Nice to meet you, newbie, I’m Haiba Urara, the representative for this game circle. I work as a programmer. No matter how beautiful the art, how moving the scenario, it’s all for nothing without programming. You might call me the God of game creation. I breathe life into games.” 4 tracks Total playback time: 1 hr 39 min 7 sec Contents: – Cover art – MP3 as main content – MP4 This audio also has a fully subtitled English and Chinese mp4 file! [Credits] Production: Poinsettia ( ) Direction: Kanbara Genta Scenario: Angraecum Illustration: Sela Urara CV:Akiyama Haruru



Genre:Binaural,School / Academy,Ear Licking,Whispering

Release date:12/15/2019