[ENG Sub] [Pee Holding] Handcuffed Girl Resists The Urge To Pee

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Synopsis *Click* “Oh, hey you. What are you doing here so late?” While you’re in detention, you happen to run into Mai, who’s cleaning the club room as a penalty for being late… “We’ve already here, so let’s talk for a bit~” “Isn’t this great? You’ll be graduating soon, so let’s talk more~” “Hey, look! I found something interesting while cleaning.” Jingle… “…Tada! Do you know the story about these handcuffs?” “At first glance, they just look like a prop, but they say members of the opposite sex who are cuffed together can become an item…” “…Really, you never heard that? It’s a pretty famous story among all the girls in the club.” Mai tells you a story about a graduate who was restrained by these handcuffs. “Hey, what do you think about getting chained to me?” “Hehehe, I’m kidding.” “Aw, how cute, you’re blushing!” “I’m sorry! I was joking! I was just teasing you a little~” “I can’t believe you’re so upset over a silly superstition.” *Click* “Look, it’s just a toy, after all~” “Ooh…you’re really impatient, aren’t you?” “It’s okay, I’ll get these off in just a second~” “…Hm? Weird…hold on a minute, okay~” “Huh…? They’re surprisingly strong…” “Ah…I’m sorry, I can’t get them off…” “No! It’s not! You can’t get them off by yourself, but you can do it right away with the key!” “…Well, I don’t have the key with me.”  “I think it’s probably in the storeroom…” “Ahaha… I’m really sorry. Please stay with me for a little while…” Tremble “…hng!” (Ah…I actually need to go to the bathroom…) “Hng…” (Thinking about it makes it worse… If I can find the key, I can hurry to the bathroom…) But the key to the handcuffs is never found and time passes… Character Name: Mai Anna Likes: Napping, reptiles Hates: Waking up early, rain An easygoing and slightly odd junior member of your afterschool club. She has a habit of oversleeping and is often penalized for being late for club activities. She has a unique personality and behavior, she treats everyone like close friends. For some reason, she gets a little nervous around you. Contents [Track List] – Wetting route (15:03) – Safe route (16:29) * The audio of the first half of both parts is the same [Contents] – Main Story Classroom wetting route (2 tracks, with and without SFX) Girls’ bathroom wetting route (2 tracks, with and without SFX) – Epilogue – 3 illustrations (with logo, endurance illustration (no logo), wetting illustration) – Route clips Pee holding scene only (with SFX, without SFX) Wetting scene only (with SFX, without SFX) Safe scene only (with SFX, without SFX) * The audio is the same as the main story. – Bonus (rough draft, rejected draft) – Script Overview An amazing wetting scene! – Two routes with different endings! – Cute illustrations of wetting by a pee artist! – She’s in danger of wetting herself from the start, and things only get worse for her! Pissing spirit!!! Credits Illustration: Noa Cell https://twitter.com/noa_cell CV: Mashiro Sato https://twitter.com/masiroke Production: omorashi huxeti bu https://mobile.twitter.com/omoomo8818

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Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,ASMR,Junior / Senior (at work, school, etc),Peeing Oneself,Urination / Peeing,Scatology

Release date:08/19/2023