[ENG Sub] Brainwashing and NTR'ing Your Favorite VTuber Live On Stream

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Short Story It’s only 10 minutes long, but 10 minutes is all we need to give you the thrill of a lifetime! Recorded in a professional studio setting on a KU-100 microphone, this is high-quality content at a steal of a price! We’ve also included the original script. This stream will end her career! “Hellooooo, everyone…! Welcome toooo…….. the live stream…….. my master and I host!” Without any kind of announcement, she started a members-only livestream. Pandemonium ensues in the chat. “Aaaaahhhh! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cummingggg!!” The number of viewers has exploded – this stream is bringing in more people than ever before… “I’ve been having sex with my master every day since I met him… so I’ll show you what’s become of me today!” Total playback time: 10 minutes 55 seconds VTuber Sex Training Livestream From Your POV! A chatty, silver-haired, ladylike streamer is brainwashed and fucked like a whore on stream. For those of you who love dirty talk, spanking, exhibitionism, and slutty masochistic bitches… Studio Quality Recording on a KU-100 Alia White CV: Gemiko Yamada A Vtuber whose main content is chatting streams. Ordinarily, she’s quite ladylike. Her true personality, however… a dirty whore. Credits Alia White’s CV: Gemiko Yamada ( https://twitter.com/gemikovoice ) Planning / Production: Nekomimi Tokyo Scenario: Fumiyasu Seino ( https://twitter.com/seinofumiyasu ) * The product’s cover image is an AI-generated illustration.

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Binaural,VTuber,Cuckoldry (Netori),Internal Cumshot,Sexual Training,Naughty / Lewd,Brainwashing,Spanking

Release date:10/18/2023