[ENG Ver.] Otherworld Reincarnation ~Slow Life Days with a Mentally Unstable Girl~

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) First collaboration work between Tamako Otodama x bananalab! A tale of “sweet pure summer love.” bananalab brings you an erotic story composition. Tamako Otodama brings you a cute and kind voice. With their powers combined, we have a great audio work that we hope you enjoy! May you find yourself entrapped in the mire of Tamako’s loveliness… Concept “Spending a syrupy sweet time with a lonesome isekai (other world) girl with mental instability issues.” The girl you met are spending time with in another world is “different.” She’s not a people person, and doesn’t gauge emotional distance well. The more time your spend with her, the deeper her love for you becomes… until eventually it is relentlessly overflowing. When you find a way to return to your own world… even though she loves you so much she could die from an overdose on love, will you leave her behind and return by yourself…? Or will you…? The ultimate decision… Which path you take is entirely up to you. Heroine Introduction Isekai (other world) girl who is mentally unstable. Real name: Elena Perceives the world around her quite uniquely… and differently to others. Is not very good with socializing and getting along with people. She puts up her walls and lives inside her own little bubble. With that said, however, towards those she has opened up her heart to… she will fawn and wheedle and behave almost like a spoiled child. Personality wise, her emotions are quick to surface, and when she’s absorbed in something of interest, she cannot pry herself away from it. Age: 18 Height: 155cm Body proportions: B88 (F-cup) / W61 / H91 Track List Track 1 (09:34) ~first encounter with you~ Track 2 (09:30) ~lets bathe in the nearby lake~ Track 3 (12:45) ~if you treat me kindly, I’ll fall for you~ Track 4 (21:05) ~festival dates are so boyfriend girlfriend like~ Track 5 (16:31) ~you are special to me~ Track 6 (24:32) ~can we be together forever?~ Route Divergence Track 7-1 (09:26) ~no matter how far apart we are, I’ll never forget you~ Track 7-2 (08:49) ~I’m the happiest person in the world~ Total playback: 1 hour 52 minutes 02 seconds Contents Nibbling Ear Licking Love you Love you Love you Ear Licking Ear Kissing with a lot of Beathing Sounds Deep Ear Canal Licking Thrusty Ear Licking Messy Kissing Intensive Deep Kissing

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:ASMR,VTuber,Loli,Pure Love,isekai,Ear Licking

Release date:12/02/2022