[ENG Sub] Door-to-Door Solicitation from a Pair of Sexy Sisters ~Fall Into Temptation~

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Story You’re tired of life. Work, friendships, and even love are nothing but trouble. One day, your doorbell rings. Upon opening the door, you see two beautiful girls standing there. They say they’re from some organization that helps out men who are having trouble in their lives. Though something seems kind of fishy about the whole thing, so you go to refuse. However, while they promise to ease your trouble, they’re really here to brainwash men. They’ll use their hot bodies and kisses to melt your mind and get you to join them. Characters Haruno CV: Kazari Hanashiro Age: late 20s Personality: captivating, salacious Loves baby talk. Totally spoils any male members who join the society. Akiha CV: 10noo10 Age: early 20s Personality: Friendly. Kind of an airhead. Loves teasing. has a lot of respect for her sexy senpai Haruno. Track List [Track 1] Two Suspicious Sisters & Their Sexy Solicitation (4 minutes 45 seconds: with SFX ) Contents: seduction, ear licking One day, your doorbell rings. Upon opening the door, you see two beautiful girls standing there. They say they’re from some organization that helps out men who are having trouble in their lives, but they seem kind of culty, so you go to refuse… suddenly, they’re in your face offering some ear-licking and other treats. They barge in, claiming that you don’t have to join them, just to hear them out.   [Track 2] Dick-teasing Ear Licking and a Handjob (21 minutes 11 seconds: with SFX ) Contents: ear licking, double handjob, nipple teasing, ball fondling They sandwich your dick between them. You could have this kind of treatment every day if you joined, they say. Haruno sweetly begs for your cum while Akiha tells you to hold it in. They’ll split your load between them and slurp it up, right before your ears. [Track 3] Haruno and Akiha’s Contract Kiss & Filthy Fellatio (17 minutes 25 seconds: with SFX ) Contents: sloppy kisses & blowjob Even more dick teasing. While one of them kisses you, the other sucks your cock. Last of all, they’ll both suck it and both swallow. [Track 4] Haruno and Akiha’s Sticky Sweet, Lovey-Dovey SEX (18 minutes 50 seconds: with SFX ) Contents: sweet, sweet missionary with Haruno From, there, things lead to sex. Lovey-dovey sex while holding hands like boyfriend and girlfriend. The first half lets you experience Akiha’s ear-licking as Haruno sweetly moans. The second half sees Haruno get carried away and hold you tight, licking your ears as you creampie her and only her. [Track 5] You’ll Join?! Akiha and Haruno’s Cum-Squeezing SEX (19 minutes 40 seconds: with SFX ) Contents: cum-squeezing cowgirl with Akiha Next up is sex with Akiha. She gets on top and slams her hips into you as she plays with your nipples. Haruno will lick your ears for the first half. In the second half, Akiha gets more intense as she edges you. If you join, she’ll let you cum. And so, you do, and coat her womb with your load. After that, it’s time to part ways. [Track 6] Now You’re a Member of the Happiness Society too… (2 minutes 3 seconds: with SFX ) Contents: ear licking, kissing You meet them again at the church gathering. They celebrate with you once again with some ear-licking and kissing. From here on out, you’re sure to get much, much closer… The End. Credits Voice Acting: – Kazari Hanashiro (Haruno) https://twitter.com/hana46kazari – 10noo10 (Akiha) https://twitter.com/10noo10 Illustration: Mint Ice https://twitter.com/asatsukimint Production Assistance: Ayaka Igasaki Produce Channel (AyaPro) https://ch.nicovideo.jp/ayapro SFX: Die Brust https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ276666.html

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:ASMR,Sister / Nun,Verbal Humiliation,Brainwashing,Whispering

Release date:12/05/2023