[ENG Sub] Vomit Audio Assortment [Vtuber]

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) As the title implies… we present you an assortment of audio recorded vomiting. Featuring Eganagu, a Vtuber who does REAL masochistic ryona recordings. * Does not contain any scenes of actually eating dogfood. Only vomiting. * Contains no “real” live action / photographic footage. Includes… 1. Dogfood Vomit (4:04) This video is a compilation of the part where Eganagu vomited after eating dogfood for a “Dog-Cat Food Eating Comparison” video they uploaded to Youtube. ( https://youtu.be/JQnXosdfx7Y ) 2. Dogfood Vomit – Voice Only (4:04) The voice only version of the above track. 3. Headache Vomit (1:28) Bonus audio that Eganagu released on their Twitter ( https://twitter.com/eganagu ) recording vomit that occurred when they had a headache. Eganagu Credits Pose art: Archangel Hanauna Modelling: Jin Nagame Track List Dogfood Vomit 4:04 Headache Vomit 1:28

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,VTuber,Ryona / Brutal

Release date:01/20/2024