[ENG Sub] I Lose To The Intimate Ear Cleaning Of My Little Sister’s Foreign Exchange Friend

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Part 7 of the series!! This time, an exchange student from overseas sneaks in for the kill! There’s a charm to this little exchange student’s odd, unnatural way of speaking! The girl who came by looking for your little sister Momo is “Meena Demuro” (VA: Yui Otokura) But Momo’s still out again for the usual reason… After letting Meena in to wait, it appears she’s troubled by some worries… “I can’t seem to make any friends desu…” After hearing that Momo’s classmates seem to be coming and going from her house a lot recently, Meena decided to investigate to uncover the secret behind this mysterious trend. But, knowing that the center of this trend among those girls isn’t Momo but yourself, you reluctantly have the truth pulled out of you, afraid that Momo will find out. “Shaddup! Just do what I say, or I’ll tell Momo!” Thinking that doing some ear-cleaning will give her a common topic to talk about with potential friends, and being ever the frank and forward girl, Meena suggests you let her clean your ears lest your secret gets out… Be at the mercy of this bold, affectionate girl’s (extreme?) ear-cleaning and cultural exchange!! [Key points] Whispering, ear cleaning (outer and inner ear, deep) Cotton swab (outer, slower inner, and fast deep) Bonten ASMR (outside, in and out, quick and deep) Ear blowing, blowing + cotton swab. (With the occasional friendly kiss) * In this work we included some new sounds focusing on cracking and peeling away ear debris! Please give it a listen! * The right ear track focuses on bantering with the girl while having your ears cleaned. The left ear track is a bit more subdued in dialogue and easier to sleep to. We’ve included tracks reversing the left and right sides so that you may enjoy them from either side! [Track List] 01. Introduction Part (00:06:38) 02. Right Ear Cleaning Part (00:37:50) 03. Left Ear Cleaning Part (00:36:45) Total playback: 01:21:13 Recorded binaurally in WAV and MP3 formats. Ear cleaning portions come with right and left variations Also features: – Bonus illustrations (cover art, character designs, manga) – Readme.txt – Script in PDF format [Character] Meena Demuro VA: Yui Otokura Likes: Cola Dislikes: Spiders Hobbies: Anime Specialty: Hugs and kisses A bratty foreign exchange student who transferred into your little sister’s (Momo’s) class. She came by to ask Momo about the ear-cleaning fad among their classmates, but Momo was gone out as usual… While waiting in her room, she started talking to you about her troubles… At the mercy of this frank and forward American girl (voiced by Yui Otokura) with a tendency for hugs and kisses, not entirely sure whether her actions are out of affection or aggression, she’ll grab hold of your secret and force you to go along with her ear-cleaning as you succumb to utter defeat by her hands. [Voice Credits] Voice Actress: Yui Otokura Official Site: https://otyi-info.jimdosite.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtkrYui [Audio Materials, Environmental Sound Assets, etc.] On-Jin 音人 – https://on-jin.com/ DOVA-SYNDROME – https://dova-s.jp/ [Contact Information (deburi members)] Yodoyabashi Mail: eardebris@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/eardebris Doi Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/users/1476091 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kknsr250r

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Genre:Serial Product,Binaural,ASMR,Loli,Foreigner,Ear Cleaning,Submissive Man,Whispering

Release date:04/26/2023