[ENG Sub] The New Student Council President's Bathroom Bitch

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Concept Dickchick Student Council President x Childhood Friend Guy = Sex Slave School Rules Story Kanae, a futanari dick slinging girl, is the new student council president. Her childhood friend, Haruki, is totally and utterly confused. After all, the new school rule that Kanae implemented is kinda… “Male students must do what female students say.” Doesn’t that make the boys their slaves? When Haruki asks Kanae about it, she orders him to dress like a girl and suck her dick! Still not satisfied, she then proceeds to reverse rape him… One thing leads to another and Kanae’s lust driven commands escalate out of control…! Characters Haruki CV: Gemiko Yamada Kanae’s childhood friend. His voice hasn’t changed much, so he looks and sounds just like a girl. He lost at the ballot against Kanae for the student council president election. Thanks to the new school rules, he’s forced to dress like a girl and cater to Kanae’s sexual desires. Kanae CV: Midzuchi Amane New student council president. She’s kept the fact that she’s a futanari secret from Haruki. The new school rule is a result of her desire for power and control, and a hatred for men. She takes it out on Haruki, who hasn’t become a crossdressing pretty boy like she desires, and uses him for her own sexual relief… Credits & Contents Recorded binaurally using 3Dio Free Space Pro II. Headphones recommended. This one is all about how a futanari class president turned her childhood friend into her sex slave. We hope you enjoy both the male and female voice actors’ performances and how they interact with each other. —————————————- [Cast & Credits] Voices: Gemiko Yamada Midzuchi Amane Illustrator: Kamata —————————————- [Track List] 1. Haruki and the Class President (04:33) 2. Crossdressing and a Blowjob(11:12) 3. Raped by the Class President (08:14) 4. Forced Blowjob & Throat Ejaculation (07:03) 5. Rough Sex & Dry Orgasm (07:24) 6. Femcorrupted In Front of The Girl Who Likes Me (07:06) Total playback: 45:34 —————————————- Audio files – All files are binaural – Includes versions with and without SFX —————————————- Scenario Includes a PDF version of the initial script —————————————- Contains: Childhood friend futanari, crossdressing, submissive male, crossdressing femboy, fellatio, oral cumshot, swallowing, anal rape, anal creampie, anal orgasm, dry orgasm, irrumatio, throat orgasm, handcuffs, edging, sex while on the phone, femcorruption, sex slave corruption, dirty talk, vulgar expressions, moaning & groaning, and more!

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Dirty Talk,Cross-dressing as a Woman,School / Academy,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Sexual Training,Submissive Man, Futanari

Release date:05/17/2023