[ENG Sub] [Vore / Whole Body Licking] Drowning in a Sea of Tingling Tentacled Ear-Pleasure

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Recommended Points The heroine grows as she feeds on your semen! Listen and enjoy as she transforms from a loli into sexy lady! You can basically enjoy three different girls for the price of one! [Track List] 01: I have caught you, human.(06:36) Archetype: loli 02: I’ll treat you gently. (25:59) Archetype: loli (Gentle ear licking / sloppy deep ear licking / nape licking / kissing / nipple licking) 03: I want to become bigger. (22:11) Archetype: girl (Slimy tentacle teasing / nipple teasing / nape of neck / ear licking / tentacle handjob / tentacle onahol / sloppy ear licking) 04: You aren’t going anywhere, forever. (22:02) Archetype: lady (Kissing / both ears licking / tentacle onahole / nape of neck licking) 05: We’ll be together for eternity. (17:38) Archetype: lady (Ear licking / suckling / kissing / nipple teasing / tentacle onahole) 06: Happy family days. (27:48)  (Both ears licking / kissing mother and daughter together / nape of neck licking / tentacle onahole / both ears licking) 07: Husband and wife time. (25:17) (Various kinds of ear licking + tentacle teasing / consecutive ejaculation) * Bonus tracks (ear variations, etc.) 01 to 07 are stand-alone tentacle teasing tracks. You can enjoy your favorite tentacles without dialogue. Looping is recommended! Sink into a sea of tentacles… 08 is a slightly erotic free talk track about the work’s production. (1) Bonus 01_Right Ear Specializing Tentacles (15:00) (2) Bonus 02_Left Ear Specializing Tentacles (15:00) (3) Bonus 03_Default Tentacles (15:00) (4) Bonus 04_Nipple Teasing Tentacles (15:00) (5) Bonus 05_Right Nape Tentacles (15:00) (6) Bonus 06_Left Nape Tentacles (15:00) (7) Bonus 07_On top of Head Tentacles (15:00) (8) Bonus 08_Punishment Talk (30:29) Approximately 3 hours of audio! WAV (48kHz/24bit) & MP3 (192kbps) formats * Bonus tracks 1~7 do not utilize fake conversion. [Credits] Alraune & Girl CV: Ayaka Igasaki Scenario: Hifumi Kanno Illustration: Asahi Yanagi Recording / Editing: Secret Society Shirokuma Voice Production Team

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Binaural,ASMR,Breast Milk,Tentacle,Ear Licking

Release date:09/01/2023