[ENG Sub] Kissing Practice With My Childhood Friend Became Real and I Got Addicted to It

Short Story It’s a short work of about 10 minutes, but because it’s short, the content is condensed! Recorded in a studio on a KU100 microphone, so the price is cheap, but the quality isn’t! The recording script is also included. ~~Um, can I ask you a question? Or I guess for some advice? Or maybe more like a favor?~~ You and Chinatsu are childhood friends. You’ve known each other since you were young, so you don’t think of each other as being of the opposite sex. “Can you help me with some kissing practice?” That’s why you two ended up kissing after such a casual conversation. However, even though you’ve known each other a long time, you’re already a man and a woman. Every time your lips meet, the feeling is better… “Practice! It’s just practice! Really!” While making these kinds of excuses, you start to kiss using your tongues, and finally… ~~~ Ahh…ahh…This is…terrible. My heart is pounding…it feels so good…I’m getting addicted to this…~~~ It’s a work where you just kiss your childhood friend! Gradually, she can no longer suppress her pleasure, and things get naughty. Enjoy the scene of kissing practice with your childhood friend. Studio recording on a KU100 microphone Chinatsu (CV: Ayaka Igasaki) Your childhood friend who lives next door. She’s always smiling and cheerful, and has a lot of friends. Since you were family friends from an early age, you often played together. Even now, she comes over to your room to play…she feels close to you, and lets her guard down around you. At first she wasn’t aware of her romantic feelings for you, but through kissing practice… “We’re just childhood friends, aren’t we? There’s no reason to get excited about this!” Credits Chinatsu (CV: Ayaka Igasaki) https://twitter.com/ayakaigasaki Planning and production: Nekomimi Tokyo Scenario: Dai Nakayama https://twitter.com/nakayama_writer * AI illustrations are used in the introduction image.

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Genre:Binaural,ASMR,Childhood Friend,Student,Sailor-style Uniform

Release date:08/26/2023