[ENG Sub] [Pee Holding] The Student Council President Can’t Make It to the Bathroom

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Synopsis “… OK, now the paperwork is done.” “Hmmm, it’s busy when the school festival is near.” “Honestly, I underestimated the work of the student council… I thought it would be easier…” “…Hng, whenever I take a breath, I feel the urge to pee…” “I have a morning meeting soon, so I’d better go to the restroom now…” *Click* “…I wonder who that could be…” “Oh, good morning, Shoki-chan.” “Why are you in such a hurry?” “…Huh! The printouts for the meeting are gone?” “Okay, I’ll deal with it right away…hng…” “…No, it’s nothing.” (This is an emergency… I’ll go to the bathroom later…) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “…Good, I was able to print it out just in time.” “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Maybe someone took it by mistake.” “Anyway, I’m glad I made it in time for the morning meeting…hng.” Shifting around… (Okay…time to go to the bathroom…) (It’s almost time for the assembly…I have no choice but to hold it…) “Hnng…ha…” * Two routes with different wetting endings! Character Name: Aoi Mizuno Likes, good at: Coffee, lateral thinking puzzles Hates, bad at: Ramen, computers The graceful and kind student council president. Because of her caring personality, she was naturally elected to be the student council president. She is well-liked by students and people often greet her when she walks by. She’s bad at all things mechanical, including computers. Contents [Track List] – Wetting in front of the bathroom route (09:41) – Wetting at the assembly route (09:06) * The audio of the first half of both parts is the same [Contents] – Main Story Wetting in front of the bathroom route (2 tracks, with and without SFX) Wetting at the assembly route (2 tracks, with and without SFX) – Epilogue – 4 illustrations (with logo, endurance illustration (without logo), wetting in front of the bathroom, wetting during a meeting) – Bonus (rough draft) – Script Overview An amazing wetting scene! – Two routes with different endings! – Cute illustrations of wetting by a pee artist! – The humiliation of pissing herself in front of everyone is the best! Pissing spirit!!! Credits Illustration: Noa Cell https://twitter.com/noa_cell CV: Mashiro Satou https://twitter.com/masiroke Production: omorashi huxeti bu https://mobile.twitter.com/omoomo8818

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Genre:Peeing Oneself,Urination / Peeing,Scatology

Release date:08/29/2023