[ENG Sub] Moka Love ReaL!! ~Sex With Your Cute Gamer GF Mokachami~

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Over 2 hours of audio!!! Your days with “Mokachami” are overflowing with cuteness, and more hot sex than you can shake a stick at! You’re in a lovey-dovey relationship with this cute (and she knows it) streamer girl… She wants to show you her adorable smile, and you want to pound your affection into her without mercy! Get up close and personal in this pure love audio work! ~Rough outline~ – Your girlfriend, who’s pretty confident in her looks, will get right in your face and let you squeeze her boobs as she gives you a hand job. – She’ll warn you about cumming on her face while she rubs and sucks you off. – Mating press her as you hold her face between your hands and watch her expression as she cums. – Close-quarters cowgirl while trying to be as quiet as possible so you don’t injure her throat, plus sighs, low moans, and ear licking. – Missionary as you gaze lovingly at her smiling face. She’s even cute when she squirts! The main illustration features her in the prone bone position. But wait, you might say, the main work doesn’t even have that in it?! And you’d be correct, so we created a bonus track that does! Gently prod the entrance to her womb with your dick as she climaxes, make her moan like a bitch as you tease her with a massage wand and more! Track List (* “H” means there is a sex scene.) 1-1: Meeting [05:02] 1-2H: “I’m going to cum, so kiss me” [28:01] (1 x ejaculation) 2-1: During a streaming intermission [03:04] 2-2H: “This is going to mess up my face.” [22:24] (1 x ejaculation) 3-1: Arriving at the hotel [05:31] 3-2H: “I can easily resist showing my cumface~ [21:56] (2 x ejaculation) 4-1: One step away from a vocal cord nodule [04:46] 4-2H: “You know ear licking? What a perv~” [12:47] (2 x ejaculation) 5-1: This is Moka’s daily life [03:47] 5-2H: “Just learnt how to squirt~” [15:30 (1 x ejaculation + follow-up ejaculation) 6H: Bonus: Endlesss prone bone [05:27] (1 x ejaculation) * Shiki Asagi Free Talk [05:12] Total playback time: approx. 2 hours 2 mins 52 secs + bonus sex scene (5 mins 27 secs) + free talk (5 mins 12 secs) – WAV (48kHz/24bit) and mp3(320kbps) formats – Includes voice-only version (MP3 only) – Also includes initial script and ejaculation timing notes ~Sexual Play (there’s a lot!)~ Track 1: Kissing, breast fondling, breast licking, mutual caressing, handjob, successive orgasm, handjob while kissing Track 2: Gazing at each other and kissing, blowjob, cock sniffing, cheek rubbing, glasses shifting, frenulum slurping, blow job while holding hands, hand job with facial Track 3: Drying wet hair, standing hugging and kissing, blowjob with condom, missionary, deep kissing while holding face, mating press, creampie Track 4: Cowgirl, devouring kisses, whispering, ear licking, whispering orgasm, creampie Track 5: Lotus, pistoning while smiling cutely, squirting, orgasm report, kissing, creampie, squirting while lifting her hips, corking her with your dick and creampie-ing her Track 6: Prone bone, screaming and moaning into pillow, squirting, toys, orgasm, creampie, kissing Credits CV: Shiki Asagi https://twitter.com/asagishiki00 Illustration: Herio https://twitter.com/herioscope Production: Riot-Cryo https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/6336 https://twitter.com/riotcryo_intdy

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Successive Orgasms,Binaural,Glasses,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Internal Cumshot,Ear Licking,Squirting / Gushing,Big Breasts

Release date:07/01/2023