[ENG Ver.] A Mother and Daughter's Aromatic Ear-licking Café ASMR ~Of Sweet Girly Scents and Pleasure~

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) “I feel some tension in your body… hehe, is getting kissed by your two lovers making your nervous?” Yuka: “What shall the three of us pleasure ourselves with today? Both my lips and Mom’s belong to you, so… we’ll lick you wherever you want!” Kaori: “G- Geez… what are you saying while the sun’s still out? Doing stuff like licking his ears… has to wait until we close up shop, okay?” * * * Yuka: “Wow… you’re right! It’s like a piping hot drink! It somehow makes me wanna cool it off… nh, foooo~” Kaori: “Haah… you seem to be enjoying her breath in your ear sooo much… I’ll do it from this end too…” * * * Kaori: “Then… I’ll go on licking your ears, and…” Yuka: “Yeah! I’ll be in charge of making your cum squirt out!” This is your childhood friend and her mother’s little café. Today, as usual, you’re working in this pleasantly coffee-scented shop. However, hidden from the public eye, the three of you share a secret romantic relationship… Character Profiles: Yuka Your childhood friend and lover. She’s all smiles, and she loves sweets and feeling pleasure. She’s not that good at handling bitter coffee. It’s all thanks to her enticing her mom that the three of you got hooked up. Kaori Yuka’s mother and your lover. A calm-mannered and very kind woman. Owing to her youthful face, she’s often mistaken as being Yuka’s big sister. She loves how you treat her as a girl rather than just Yuka’s mother. You’ll be able to completely relax as you feel your thoughts melt away from their naughty ear-licking. In this binaural audio drama, you’ll enjoy your childhood friend and her mom lovingly clinging to you as they lick your ears. Gentle and sweet sighs. Words filled with love. They’ll lick deep into your ear as they whisper right beside you. Enjoy the comforting feeling of the tension leaving your body… Recorded with the highest-quality binaural microphone “NEUMANN KU100”, enjoy the ultra-rich and realistic ear-licking and sex! [Track List] Track 1: Making out with a mother and daughter after closing hours. (9:38) Track 2: Yuka’s gentle ear-licking. (Right ear) (9:31) Track 3: Kaori’s ear-licking. (Left ear) (7:43) Track 4: Mother and daughter licking both your ears together. (09:08) Track 5: Yuka’s naughty, deeeep ear-licking. (Right ear) (09:19) Track 6: Yuka’s deep ear-licking and Kaori’s tit-fuck and blowjob. (11:18) Track 7: Kaori’s deep and naughty ear-licking. (Left ear) (08:12) Track 8: Kaori’s deep ear-licking while fucking Yuka raw. (08:02) Track 9: Horny ear-licking from mother and daughter on both sides. (07:51) Track 10: Double lovey-dovey handjob with deep ear-licking. (09:46) 10 tracks / Total playback: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes [Specifications] Recorded with a high-quality dummy head mic (NEUMANN / KU100) Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended. File Formats: WAV (96kHz / 24Bit Hi-res Audio) MP3 (44.1kHz / 256kbps) High quality illustration & texts included [Credits] Cast: Kazari Hanashiro Illustration: Asanoha Scenario: AmaTsubame

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Lovers,Harem,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Blowjob / Fellatio,Ear Licking,Whispering

Release date:10/07/2023