Cucking & Cuckolded~ [English & Chinese Ver.]

Contents *This is the English version of “Cucking & Cuckolded~ (RE228124)” *This version features Japanese audio with English and Chinese subtitles. The day my husband’s boss came over was the day my life changed forever… He heard me say things I’d never said before, saw a side of me I’d never shown anyone. And then… Two stories of cucking and being cucked! [Disc A: Cucking] 1) My Husband’s Boss (03:57) 2) Point of No Return (07:41) 3) This is It (16:55) 4) The Nightmare (04:33) 5) For My Husband (26:57) 6) What I Don’t Know (16:17) [Disc B: Getting Cucked] 1) A Sweet Moment (11:33) 2) Now We’re Even (17:50) 3) With My Beloved (18:19) 4) A Sleepless Night (04:00) [Bonuses] 1) Ear Licking Material (10:25) 2) Bonten Free Talk (17:03) Total playback time: Approx. 2 hours 35 minutes [Credits] CV: Ayaka Igasaki Scenario: Hifumi Kanno Illustration: masa Editing: MeltyBeans Ayaka Igasaki Production: Blackuma no Yome

Circle:Blackuma no Yome


Genre:Healing,Ear Cleaning,Hand Job,Orgy Sex,Ear Licking

Release date:09/25/2020