Skunk Girl CLUB 5

“Label TON” presents… A members only club found in a corner of a certain town. With her two tone color and fluffy tailed costume, skunk girl Lena awaits your arrival once more. Tonight, as always, a bewitching scent will captivate you… Check out other titles in the Skunk Girl CLUB series (Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.) The concept this time is that Lena-chan is back from the 1st product! She will tease you with her putrid stink… all the while being cute about it. Enjoying every little moment of your bittersweet anguish. Contains: Mainly fart masturbation play. No hardcore scenes. Approx. 16 minutes length 4 base illustration + farting / clothing / face variations = over 80 total (JPG) + script text file Planning / Production / Direction / Scenario: TON CV: Ren Momoka ( ) Illustrations: kohashikawa Produced by Doujin Circle SBD ( ) *The “Label TON” deals exclusively with works created by TON who is the member of the doujin circle SBD.

Circle:doujin circle SBD


Genre:No Reverse,Abnormal / Perverted,Buttocks,Sex Industry / Soapland,Submissive Man,Animal Ears

Release date:07/09/2017