Stereophonic Sound - Liaison with the Married Woman [English / Chinese Ver.]

Contents *This is the English and Chinese version of “Stereophonic Sound – Liaison with the Married Woman” (RJ120445) *This version features Japanese audio with English or Chinese subtitles. **Stereophonic Sound – Liaison with the Married Woman** “It looks like my husband is coming home pretty late. Want to go get dinner?” That’s the line that started your secret relationship. And eventually, a simple ear cleaning turns into something more… Features three kinds of noise cutting — normal, professional, and unprocessed! [Track List] 1) (P) Prologue 00:52 2) (P) Secret Hobby 03:25 3) (P) Secret Ear Cleaning 10:43 4) (P) Just Imagine 05:18 5) (P) No choice, huh 01:08 6) (P) This isn’t mine, you know! 07:50 7) (P) Extra Episode 15:05 * Tracks 3 and 7 are not included in the No Noise Cut version. Total playback: 45 minutes (not including overlap) [Bonus Tracks (Voice)] 1) (P) Ear Licking (Heavy Breathing Version) Right Ear 07:55 (No overlap) 2) (P) Ear Licking (Heavy Breathing Version) Left Ear 07:31 (No overlap) * SFX made for “Welcome to Shirokuma’s Mimikaki Salon!” 3) Main track 3 SFXless version 06:14 4) Main track 5 SFXless version 07:50 Total playback: 15:26 (not including overlap [Bonus Tracks (SFX)] [Production] Illustration: Koyomi Nashigatani HP: Twitter: @nashikkoro Noise cutting, tone, pressure adjustment: Yashi @ Chi-ba-kun Twitter: @yashi369_jb Script & Editing & CV: Shirokuma no Yome (Ayaka Igasaki) HP: [Caution] The circle is not responsible for any trouble or accidents that result from use of this product. Unauthorized reproduction, reupload, and resale of this product are prohibited. Twitter: @ayakaigasaki

Circle:Shirokuma no Yome


Genre:Married Woman,Ear Cleaning,Masturbation,Ear Licking

Release date:11/05/2020