Monster Girls You-kichan!

—————————————————————————————— This product requires DirectX 9.0c and the following packages to be installed for operation: – VC2015 – VC2013 – VC2012 – VC2010 —————————————————————————————— A pixel art action game controllable with 2 buttons! May 3, 2020 ver 1.04 Fixed Changed the participation requirements for the helper to be based on time. April 23, 2020 ver 1.03 Fixed an issue where the difficulty level was not kept in the clear record. 11, 2020 ver 1.02 Fixed STAGE7 Time attack mode. 7, 2020 ver 1.01 STAGE4 Fixing a return after a mistake ,Fixed a rock bug. 1, 2020 ver 1.00 Trial version: 1.03 [Features] * All the monsters are cute girls! Not only the player, but all the adversities. But they won’t be going easy on you! * Bear hugs! Petrification! Vore! Bursting! Plenty of hardcore defeat elements await to stir up the demon blood inside you. * A boss for every stage! Choose from 5 different weapons, and figure out the best way to take them down! * Fatal Finisher! If you meet certain conditions, you can perform brutal finishers on bosses. Unleash the demon blood inside you! If you get defeated, however, perhaps the opposite fate awaits… (Can be toggled off) * A pure hack & slash game with no annoying crafting or exploration elements! All you have to do: Beat down the enemies standing in your way. * The controls are simple! With only the jump and attack button, you can do a lot! Grab onto walls, climb along ceilings. cut enemy throats from behind, scale cliffs, etc. * Over 3 hours of playtime for 1 clear! With 8 stages and 5 weapons, unlimited continues, and different difficulty options, the game is easy to play again and again! After beating the game, a time attack mode is unlocked as well. * Auto-save, stage select functions. Quit anytime, start back anytime! * 5 weapons, each with their own special powers. With nuances to learn with each weapon, find what style suits you best! Become a weapons master! [Story] There once was a cruel warrior known as “Pudding the Heroine” in the demon world. The name struck fear into all monsters who heard it. However, as years passed, the name gradually vanished from everyone’s consciousness. And so time passed… Suddenly the demon world attacked the human world. Caught completely unaware, they were swiftly overrun. All but for one island country in the East. A lone shrine maiden rose to defend the kingdom. Her name: Youki. The one once feared in the demon world as “Pudding”. She had sworn to never take up battle again… The hands once purified in holy water will once again be drenched in blood. The soul that prayed for peace will once again be filled with thoughts of carnage. To save the world she loves, she’ll throw it all away, and head back into intense battle! If she returns to the field, surely the demon blood inside her will be aroused. She can only pray it doesn’t. * Made with Action Game TKool MV. Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. Cien: Twitter: [Talismans] Easy to use no matter the situation. [Axe] Pierce walls! Useful even with differences in elevation [Purification Rod] A powerful close quarters weapon! Reflect projectiles back! [Bow] It’s power depends entirely on it’s user! Your archer spirit will be tested [Boulder] A balance of destructive power and personal vulnerability. Can you make this work!?



Genre:Female Protagonist,Dot / Pixel,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Shrine Maiden,Panties,Vore

Release date:04/03/2020