The Shadow of Yidhra

Summary Delta awakened to the sound of explosions, and to the sight of zombies rampaging throughout the lab. She’s got to escape! And along the way, she’ll rescue a strange girl. Search the facility to discover the truth behind the incident and lead survivors to freedom! All CGs and H scenes are animated! Over 50 upgrade parts for your weapons! Over 40 H scenes! Controls Left click: Attack Right click: Aim 1-4 keys: Change weapon F: Next conversation A: Move left D: Move right S: Drop down F: Confirm Q: Use grenada R: Reload C: Use healing item E: Show equipment Space: Jump/Double jump Shift: Dash ESC: Open menu/Close dialogue Ctrl+F4: HP lock Characters Delta An amnesiac girl who relies on her instincts to fight the zombies. In the course of her adventure, she meets a girl named Rei… Rei A girl that used to live in a quiet room deep inside the lab. She trusts Delta without question. Kaguya A skilled fighter whop protects the survivors outside the lab. Sex System Clothing Damage Clothing is damaged according to your HP. H Scenes When your clothes are completely torn, enemies can push you down and have their way with you. Each monster has about 2 scenes of this type. HCGs When Delta reaches 0 HP, you’ll unlock 1 or 2 CGs depending on the monster that defeated her. These can be viewed in the gallery freely or with their stories attached. Miscellaneous Monsters and NPCs both have H scenes, so be careful out there! Explore different environments like a lab, sewer system, forest, and factory, each with special scenes of their own! There are lots of weapon upgrades to find! Test them out and see what works for what kind of battle! Certain parts have special gameplay! Enjoy trying them all!



Genre:Female Protagonist,Cross-section View,Zombie,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Naughty / Lewd,Coercion / Compulsion,Ponytail

Release date:01/31/2021