Scrider Asuka!

* The time is 2048 – The world is nearly dominated by a sudden mysterious man and his organization. To kill the mysterious man, the professional group of combat and intelligence Scriders sent Asuka …. * This is a parody action game of a certain title fans will know. Please operate the scrider and find the stage exit. At the end of each stage the boss is waiting. Erotic animations of violation occur when you touch enemies! * With voice, sound effects, BGM, continues, and 5 total stages (with stage select) Character dict110ai animation x 14 types (with cum variations) Game over dict110ai animation x 5 (with cum variations) After clearing all stages you can freely browse the ecchi scenes in Gallery mode (also unlockable by hidden command) Key config, full screen mode available. Voice: Kaede Akino Music: oo39 dot com * Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.




Release date:Dec/05/2016