When I saw the PV for the first time, I thought, “Doujinshi games have come this far.
I am sure that many of you have been taken aback by the PV, but the quality of the game continues from beginning to end, and it is a work of the utmost effort.

The more emotion you put into the girl, the better the humiliation scene will be,” as some of the greats have said in the past, and this work is no exception. The combination of these elements makes this a highly practical game with a high degree of nudity. The game is very practical and the UI is very well thought out to give you the itchy feeling.

The main character, Rikka, has many customizable elements, and all of her weapons and armor have different graphics, so you can dress her up and have fun with it.
In addition, you can change her height, chest size, face shape, skin tone, and even the color of each part of her equipment. You can even turn her into a gaming Rikka-chan.

As you can see in the PV, there are a few scenes of humiliation (belly-buttoning and other soft sexual expressions/bleeding, which can be turned off in some options), but be aware that there are a few scenes of humiliation that are more hardcore.

It is also worth noting that the game runs very comfortably compared to the high quality graphics, with a file size of 3.11 GB (as of Ver. 1.0.1), which is light for a large volume 3D work, and is proof of its high optimization.
However, it still requires a machine spec that is incomparably higher than that of a Tskool work, so if you are worried about the spec, we recommend that you play the demo version once to make sure it works before purchasing it.

There is no doubt that this game will become a new milestone in doujin belt action games. Thank you very much for this wonderful work that shows the future of 3D doujinshi games.

It’s been three months since I bought it. I finally cleared it to the end.
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the circle who created this blockbuster.
The reason why it took me three months to complete the game is not because it was too hard to play or the difficulty level was too strange. The story is well written, the volume of eroticism is overwhelming, and the character making is endless. Endless character making. And that I ejaculated too early. The game is divided into chapters, and each chapter has an erotic scene. Each of them is so erotic. I cannot help pulling it out. And if I pull it out, the day’s play is over. It is impossible to complete the game. Furthermore, because the character making is too free, I sometimes didn’t advance the story and ended the weekend making my favorite Rikka-chan forever. Is this volume and quality of the game really acceptable for a doujinshi? Will I be able to be impressed by the various games that will come out in the future? I have no confidence that I won’t compare it to some maid custom game when it comes to 3D erotica, but it’s nothing compared to that. If you include the fantasy worldview, I like Ricca by far. And at this price? Isn’t it too cost-effective? There are several games I was planning to buy after completing this game. However, I haven’t opened up all the outfits yet, and there are still making combinations I haven’t tried yet, but I can’t move on to the other games. I’ve come across a truly extraordinary piece of work. It’s been three months since its release and there are already over 200 reviews. I don’t even know if anyone will read it now that I’ve posted it, but I couldn’t help but write about it. If there are people who have read even these bottom-of-the-barrel reviews and have not yet purchased the product, they must be in a very special situation. I can’t tell such a person to buy it. If there are such people, I hope they will play the demo version and rub themselves in it as much as they want.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
It is on a different level from ordinary doujinshi games…the level is too high!
Everything is at a high level, the screen is beautiful and the beautiful pictures move as they are, and you can even change the appearance of the main character, so I gave it a try.
First of all, you can change the main character’s hairstyle to short and blue, the skin to white, the breasts to suppressed, the maid uniform to le, le, le… and so on… except for the height, you can freely change the main character’s appearance! This alone is great, but it is also reflected in the events and sex scenes!

The action part is also very interesting, with detailed and flashy moves, including those of the enemies.
It’s so good that it could sell even without pornography!

So, the game is fun, but what about pornography? The only problem is that the eroticism is very hard eroticism, and it reflects the way you like it, so it is sure to be 120% exciting!
You have to have the right conditions in order to see the pornography, but there are hints so you won’t miss much.

You should buy this game unless you don’t accept rape and humiliation.
Everything is at such a high level that I’m afraid it will eat into the sales of the software that comes out before and after this game.
It’s a great game that seems to transcend the boundaries of doujinshi games.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
I think there are many people who bought this game because of its high quality, but I think most of them will be damaged by the continuous depressing development in the beginning of the game.
However, the atmosphere of the story starts to lighten up after episode 14 of the 23 episodes, so please don’t give up on the game and say, “I bought this game because it has good quality, but it’s not for me because of the continuous depressing development” and play to the end.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
The main erotic scene is the defeat and humiliation of the heroine Ricca, and there are also scenes of other sub-heroines, lesbian sex, masturbation, reverse rape, and so on. The scenes you see in the story are in the form of a novel with still pictures and text, while the scenes on the road and scenes involving the defeat of a boss are in the form of 3D viewing (you can freely switch viewpoints at key points in the action and watch them).

A wide variety of rodents are prepared, including goblins, orcs, tentacles, succubus, arachne, and citizens who have given up on the heroine. The relentless torture and long-term humiliation of these characters is packed into a single scene, and combined with the effects of the lewd crest, the scenes are used up until the heroine is crushed to pieces. The work is more about humiliation, and Rikka is covered in abrasions, dirt, and bruises, making it a masterpiece of a complete submission and defeat situation. There is also a defeat and untransformation, which is also a delight.

The game is a legitimate AC, and if you just plunge in, the enemy will torture you and you will lose what is left before the pitfalls and gimmicks. It is best to sit back and play with skill and trial and error over and over again. The gimmicks that match the stage are also interesting, and the backgrounds that keep you on your toes, such as a moving floor and a giant waterwheel in the mine, are also appreciated.
In addition, Rikka has a wide range of costume customization options. Both her default holy knight outfit and a naughty bunny-like outfit are reflected in the game and in the scenes. Personally, I play with a set of transformable heroine costumes, and I enjoy changing her hair color as well.

The storyline is about “a girl who is challenged by a great ordeal. Rikka has been protected by her older sister and has lived her whole life without knowing any ill will, but in the main story, she continues to encounter unreasonableness. In fact, she is raped many times and often scoffs in fear. The weakness of the girl, who is essentially just a village girl, is portrayed well. However, she awakens as a legendary holy knight with the help of her encounters and the things entrusted to her. We hope you will witness her growth.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
The quality is so high that it completely exceeds the framework of a doujinshi game.
There is no end to the things that can be mentioned, such as the careful and beautiful depiction of each and every movement, but it is truly amazing!

First of all, this is an action game, and it is also very well done.
As I was playing it, I remembered playing Car Cry and Dokey Kog when I was a little kid, and it reminded me of those games.
It’s really well made and very challenging!
There are three difficulty levels to choose from, but I’m probably not a big fan of action, so I’m playing on Normal for now, and it feels just right.
I don’t have a controller, so I play with a keyboard, but there are no complicated controls, so I think the controls are easy enough for action beginners.
I have to use recovery items to defeat difficult bosses, but it’s not that hard.
I found myself losing track of time.
It’s been years since I’ve played a game that I’ve been so absorbed in.

And as for the eroticism… it’s also extremely erotic!
The only thing I have to say is that there are quite a few scenes in the story where the heroine is pitied.
I’m a person who can handle both the pity and the pure love/happy ending, but if it were an RPG where you could choose both routes, I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy the story as much as I do.
For example, in an RPG where you can choose both routes, you first see the ending where the heroine is unblemished and happy, and then you see the part where the heroine suffers a terrible fate, like an IF route.
But in this work, the story is always going to make you feel sorry for the heroine, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, you should be careful.
At first, I was also surprised to see this development. I was surprised at first, but once I accepted it, the eroticism got the better of me.
Also, it’s hard to concentrate because of the short skirt fluttering while playing.
I once fell to my death because of it.

If you can’t help but feel sorry for the heroine, this is definitely a must buy!

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
It is an overwhelming level of perfection that overturns the concept of 3D erotic games.
Those who are currently creating 3D erotic works must be feeling the pressure of this level of perfection.

The story is gruesome, though royal, and I do not recommend this game to those who do not like blood or girls being subjected to horrific treatment. (I remember that there was no flashy blood splattering in the H-scenes.)
As for me, I was fed up with the current situation where “clearing virginity is the best end condition” is the norm, so I felt sorry for her, but the main gun was just overflowing.

As for the game part, each stage is long and there are quite a few of them, so it is challenging enough, but being a bad player, I found it so difficult that it became stressful even on the lowest difficulty level.
However, I can’t give an early evaluation because it seems that they are currently readjusting the game.
I think they are doing an excellent job of designing the levels, as those who are used to action seem to be satisfied with the highest difficulty level.

The H-scene is truly astonishing. I think there are only a few places that can produce this level of quality even for 3DH from major makers.
The softness of the girl’s skin and the viscosity of her juices are superbly expressed, and the ability to change viewpoints, which is one of the strengths of 3D, and the abundance of play content will likely be my staple for some time to come.
The customization function is something that cannot be missed. You can change everything from Rikka’s facial features to her body shape in great detail, and you can even customize her hair color, skin color, and even the color of her equipment, making her a different person depending on your preferences and mood.
As you progress through the chapters, you will be able to change your clothes, pubic hair, and lewd crests, but each time I did, I would put aside my desire to enhance Rikka’s skills and spend magic stones on dress-up items, enjoying the dress-up so much that I could hardly move on.

The only complaint I have, excluding the difficulty level mentioned above, is that the price is too low. I can’t say that I am dissatisfied.
Currently, I feel that this is the best 3DH game I have ever purchased.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
First of all, the main character, Rikka, moves very smoothly. This is true in the conversation scenes, but also in the action phase and in the sex scenes.
In the game, various monsters, traps, and tricks confront Rikka in the stages, but I got the impression that the tutorial was fairly gentle, with helpful instructions for gimmicks that were new to me and some items along the way. However, the bosses were strong (and I’m not very good at it).
There are also various types of weapons and costumes, and each weapon has its own parameters, such as a large sword with high attack power and slow attack speed, a magic staff, a spear, and many other weapons.

The sex scenes were quite well done, with high graphic quality 3D models, good quality semen expression, and multiple cameras.
For example, when Rikka and the spirit Elys are being raped at the same time, it is possible to switch between two camera angles to enjoy the scene.
In addition, the sex scenes are divided into sections so that you can easily select the scene you want to watch, such as introduction, insertion, piston, and changing positions.

This is a poor review because I have not yet touched the full version in depth, but I personally think it was a very satisfying work.
If you love 3D doujinshi games, you should definitely buy it.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
In this game, you can customize the main character Rikka’s hairstyle, facial shape, and body shape, and you can change her in various outfits, and you can even play naked (with disadvantages).
I tried to make Rikka a loli with big tits, but I couldn’t change her height.

I don’t want to make my favorite character dirty.
I played the game with this in mind, aiming to clear the virginity, but I was raped in the story event…(and anal too, of course!).
It was frustrating to see a character I was attached to get raped, but at the same time it was very exciting… From there on, I felt like I was diving into a swamp of eroticism.
The erotic scenes are very intense at the time of defeat in battle and at each event.
The basic story is about rape and humiliation, but there are some brutal scenes with bloodshed, shame, lewdness, and yuri scenes…I especially enjoyed the shame play during the scene where she lost her virginity!

In the beginning, there are only a few techniques that can be used, but by learning skills and special moves with the “magic stone”, the range of actions increases and you can enjoy exhilarating battles!
The main character is getting stronger and stronger, so you may think it will be a piece of cake, but there are various stage gimmicks and bosses that cannot be beaten by pushing your way to the top. You can enjoy the battle that is challenging from start to finish and never gets boring.
Even if the game is over, there are bailouts and other helpful features, so you can play with peace of mind.
The game can be operated with a keyboard and a gamepad, but the default settings for both felt uncomfortable. I was able to freely change the settings from the Settings screen → Input Assignments, so I was able to play very comfortably.

Both the erotic and action aspects are at a very high level, and I recommend this work!
If you like the character make-up elements and the humiliation elements, please buy this game!

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
The main character, Rikka, is an ordinary girl.
She is a helpless, pampered, and kind-hearted girl. She is also a normal girl who counts her menstrual cycle and knows that she will get pregnant if she has semen in her vagina, which is a common sense that is often forgotten in the erotic game world.
Such a girl is cruelly raped by demons and humans who are supposed to be her allies.
In most of the scenes, you can see her pregnant and even spawning. (As expected, there were no scenes of human or subhuman births.)
(As one might expect, there was no human or subhuman birth.) Has there ever been a 3D game with such beautifully crafted graphics, in which the camera can be manipulated during the sex scene, and in which a woman’s belly is so shapely that she is able to have sex with a woman? I was thrilled to be able to enjoy the roundness of the belly of a mother who unwillingly gave birth to a child from various angles.
Although it is not a sex scene, the scene in which she is tormented by the fear of pregnancy after being raped by a nameless goblin and not getting her period, and yet she is unable to talk to her friends about it and shows empty energy, is enough to make any impregnated gentleman feel satisfied just with that scene.
The fact that she is cursed with a body that can only conceive a demon’s child shows the seriousness of the impregnation eroticism in this game.
The impregnation of the scenario is very wonderful, as there are pregnancy elements both before and after the sex scenes.
In addition, the modeling, which delights the player with its lovely and lustrous forms and rich facial expressions, and the dynamic and realistic camera work, including the erotic scenes, are not inferior to those of major companies, and we cannot help but be in awe of the creator.
As for the scenario, I applaud the author’s skill in connecting the prologue and epilogue, not to mention the profound and spectacular storyline, and when I saw the end stills, I was sobbing.

Saint Knight Ricca is a masterpiece that will leave its mark on history.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
I have been looking forward to this work since the trial version while watching ci-en.
The product version was also a very satisfying work that did not betray my expectations.

The game is also well made, and it would normally take me quite some time just to clear the game to the end.
There are three difficulty levels, and the higher the difficulty, the easier it is to accumulate funds to purchase costumes, hairstyles, etc.
Even if you run out of leftover units and are defeated, the game can be considered cleared, so even those who are not good at action can play.
The controls are comfortable for movement and jumping when in the holy knight state, but in the normal state, the legs are a little slow and less comfortable due to the direction.

You can customize your character to your liking, down to the smallest detail. The avatar can be saved and can be loaded and immediately reflected in the H scene.
The pole actor can also be set in detail, from transparency to black paint, etc.
The camera work may take some getting used to, but once you get used to it, I think you can easily do it the way you want (I moved it around a lot in the trial version).

I don’t have to tell you that there are already many buyers and reviewers, but I can recommend it 200% (except for those who don’t like rape and humiliation).
The volume, the variety of customization, and the storyline are all top notch.

The conditions for defeating H appear in the basic game, but even if you go on to win the game as it is, it is a gentle specification that can be released by clicking the heart mark on the stage selection screen after the game is cleared, so if you think it takes too long or the tempo is too slow if you lose on purpose, you may want to try that.

The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters