Defeat in the Locker Room

Agent Kai has succeeded in infiltrating enemy Delmo Corp. However, before he can finish investigating the building, he falls into the trap of Delmo troops Miho and Ayo. …Can Kai escape this brutal situation? [Characters] Kai A newly-recruited national spy whose exploits far exceed his rank. He is particularly skilled in solo infiltration and reconnaissance. Miho (right on the cover) A Delmo combatant that uses her speed to engage enemies in close-quarters, where she can use her immaculate technique to snap limbs, and break bones with zero hesitation. Aya (left on the cover) A Delmo combatant who eschews speed for raw power. Her thighs are bone-crushingly thick, and they are inescapable once she’s got you. She often teams up with the speedy Aya for interrogations and assassinations. [Terminology] Delmo Corp An all-female organization that employs every imaginable aspect of feminine wile to fulfill its goals, whether those be highly illegal experiments, or brutal torture sessions. The National Security Bureau A special agency that deals in delicate matters too messy for more official arms of the government. It has the special authority to conduct investigations and intelligence operations independently, and has been enemy #1 of rival Delmo. ————————————– 15 main pages Illustration: Mashirugi Planning / Script / Original Idea: The Nation of Head Scissors ( )

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Wrestler / Fighter,Fighting / Martial Arts,Violence,SM,Submissive Man,Torture

Release date:09/05/2021