[ENG Ver.] The Nursery Daily Login Bonus

I love my wife and my child, but the day to day struggle of raising kids is stressful. My wife and I have also entered a state of “sexlessness.” When I first went to the nursery, my wife handed me the “Papa Exclusive Stamp Card.” Supposedly, there is some kind of reward for filling it out? “I bet it’s just garbage that I don’t even want anyway… … …” Boy was I wrong. It would seem they know exactly what kind of incentive a guy needs. The card was essentially a “login bonus” for the nursery… with EROTIC rewards! According to staff, it’s NOT CHEATING if a dad that cares for his kids, has sex with the nursery staff caring for his kids!!! What’s on the menu? ————————————————– 1 stamp: Headpats (Class Tsubomi) 5 stamps: Hugs (Class Tsubomi) 10 stamps: Breasts (Class Tsubomi) 15 stamps: Fellatio (Class Tsubomi) 20 stamps: Titjob (Class Tsubomi) Full Card: “Special Service” (Class Tsubomi) VIP Bonus: Sex with Anybody (Class Tanpopo) VIP Bonus: Lecture on Sexual Technique (The Principle) Marital Love: First condom-less sex in 4 years (Wife) Mama’s Friends: Condom-less sex with a lonely housewife (Wife’s Friend) Pregnancy Bonus: Ejaculation management until your wife’s pregnancy stabilizes (3 staff members) ————————————————– Full color manga 24 pages total

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Healing,Breasts,Dirty Talk,Apron,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Breast Sex,Consensual Sex

Release date:02/09/2022