Tentacle Breeding Anus -The young wife who gives up her anus to a tentacle monster-

Full color comic focusing on anal intercourse and tentacles! 20 bonus pages included! ▼This is a full color comic focusing on anal intercourse. It features a young wife who gives up her body and her anus to a tentacle monster. Enjoy watching her become an anal breeding bed for the tentacle monster by her own choice! Also included are 20 bonus pages of variations. These include more extreme variations of the anal stretching scenes in the main images, as well as color variations for the nipples. Also, there are versions of the images that don’t include the captions. She births the offspring of an inhuman creature through her anus. Her body is gradually transformed into a breeding bed. Her anus has stretched so wide it doesn’t seem human anymore. Despite the guilt she feels toward her husband, the heroine continues to mate with the tentacles. CONTENTS ▼Contents – Main story 24 pages – 20 bonus pages – No text version of the main story JPEG and PDF files included ▼The only characters are the heroine and the tentacles, and the heroine is tortured by the tentacles in the anus for a long time. Her pussy is not touched at all, only her asshole. ▼I post progress and samples on pixiv, Twitter, ci-en, fantia, etc. If you like, please take a look! Pixiv:https://www.pixiv.net/users/52738094 Twitter:https://twitter.com/kurihana0414 ci-en:https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/6788 Fantia:https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/118949 SAMPLE The white fluid violently erupts from her bowels. As she copulates with the tentacle monster, her body and mind are altered until there is no way back… She excretes tentacles from her anus. At some point, she realizes she can no longer get satisfaction vaginally… As a tentacle is inserted into her rectum, eggs are laid into her mouth. With no way out, the eggs and semen make her belly swell as though she were pregnant… Cowgirl sex with the tentacle monster. She knows it’s wrong… She feels guilty toward her husband… Still, the young wife keeps mating with the tentacle creature… And in the end… What kind of anal play? – She offers her body to the tentacle monster, knowing it is turning her into a breeding bed. – She becomes a breeding bed for the tentacle monster even though she feels guilty toward her husband. – The tentacles lay eggs inside her rectum, making it gape. – She rocks her own hips, having anal sex with the tentacles in cowgirl position. – Her body, which is being turned into a breeding bed, produces bizarre, thick milk from her nipples. – A tentacle goes into her mouth and pumps eggs inside while a tentacle in her anus pumps semen. Her belly inflates. – Eggs are forced down her throat and pass through her body until they reemerge from her anus. – The anal intercourse with the tentacle monster causes her to give birth to offspring related to herself by blood. – Tentacles spread her anus wide and she births many tentacles from it. Her anus is stretched beyond recovery, and she keeps climaxing while it disgorges fluids and mucus. SELLING POINT – ANAL ONLY Her pussy is not used at all. Enjoy watching a naive, innocent young woman offer her own anus and derive a perverted pleasure from it even though she knows it is wrong. – Anal depictions I have put effort into depicting gaping anus, visible intestines, broken anus that won’t close, vertical divided anus, and giant sized anus. The level of anal stretching is about the same as in my other products. – Maniacal play with tentacles and anus Egg laying, pseudo excretion, anal training, anal development, anal breeding bed, anal sex, anal egg laying, anal impregnation, anal stretching, anal birthing, etc. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:On the night of the warm wet wicked rain


Genre:Married Woman,Egg Laying,Anal,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Stretch / Expansion,Pregnant Woman,Body Modification

Release date:08/28/2022