The Collision of the Big Divine Boobs! Catfight to the Death!

Summary Two spoiled and capricious goddesses with big and fabulous boobs, a fierce fight, and a pinch of eroticism. Girls and boys you are back in the fabulous world of PandoraCatfight! Are you ready for an unforgettable fight? Two beautiful, completely naked fighters with big boobs colliding in violent collisions to get one thing, Supremacy! A violent and extreme Catfight focused mainly on the clashes between big boobs! A little bit of pleasant and perverse erotic action, lots of milk, many tricks, special powers, and as always so much brutal and perverse fight! This is the longest comic book made so far by the PandoraCatfight Project! Beautiful bright color and an exciting story! What are you waiting for, dive, and enjoy this new, fantastic, and incredible extreme fight! 65 pages of color comics with history! More than 140 pages include 57 pages of extra content!



Genre:Breasts,Cat Fight,Big Breasts

Release date:06/01/2020