Unfortunately the adventurer's book 7 has vanished. (English edition)

Synopsis “One day… the demon army came to our village and destroyed everything.” The young men were saved by Sister Ange, and they now live peacefully with her in the mountains. Traumatized by their experience, they never wish to meet the same fate again. As long as they do not give into desire and follow Sister Ange’s teachings, the demons shall not draw near. So easy, right? … Wrong. A young man can only hold back the waves of lust for so long… Unable to do so… one young man heads to Ange’s abode at night… only to bear witness to…!? 34 pages Author: Akazawa RED * This chapter contains ShotaOne (younger guy x older girl) content. Not OneShota (older girl x younger guy) [Sister Ange (An-sama)] An ex-prostitute with large breasts. While she is earnest and faithful, swirling within is a dark well of lust. She saved some young men when the demon army attacked and is living peacefully with them in a mountainous area. Used to be aligned with light element, but has since turned dark. This is reflected by the change in her outfit. [Young Men] Traumatized by the Witch Succubus raid, they believe sex is dirty, evil, and causes demons to draw near, but carnal instinct is hard to hold at bay… They turn to Sister Ange for help, but… [Witch Succubus] A demon army officer. With her succubus subordinates, she raided the hidden village and destroyed her angelic brethren. * Does not appear in H-scenes in chapter 7. [Cistina] A white mage. One of the hero’s party members * Does not appear in H-scenes in chapter 7. Contains overlapping content with: The Adventurer’s Book has Perfect. Vol.1 (RJ285255) Unfortunately the adventurer’s book has vanished.(English edition) (RJ288919)



Genre:Sister / Nun,Fantasy,Facial Cumshot,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Orgy Sex,Cum Swallowing,Oral Cumshot

Release date:09/06/2023