Relaxing Cafe

Contents This product contains overlapping content with: “Naptime Cafe “Sirokuma no Sippo” (RE152751)” Whether at home, school, work, or anywhere else, your exclusive therapist is here for you. Enjoy a course of relaxing sea mud, oil massaging, and ear cleaning. The ear cleaning course involves a variety of methods, including dry cotton swabs, horse hair, and earwax solvent! All the courses together make for a voluminous 4 hours and 10 minutes of content! * Basic Course (Approx. 124 minutes with no re-used content) 01 Explanation 02 (Kikyou) Basic Course Part1 03 (Kikyou) Basic Course Part2 04 (Alice) Basic Course Part1 05 (Alice) Basic Course Part2 06 Aoi-chan’s Guinea Pig + Variations * Requested Course Kikyou (Approx. 56 minutes with no re-used content) 01 Nail Care 02 Counting Sheep 02 Shirokuma Lullaby Alice (Approx. 50 minutes with no re-used content) 01 Face Care 02 Counting Sheep 02 Shirokuma Lullaby + Bonus Secret Character Version & Other (20:12) A subtitled audio work. Audio: Japanese Subtitles: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese Total playback time: 250 minutes (4 hours 10 minutes) [CVs] Natsuki Nogami (as Alice) ( ~The Western course therapist. Easy going, and tends to hum. Ayaka Igasaki (as Kikyou) ( The Japanese course therapist. A pure and traditional girl. Rumored to have a hidden side. Yume (as Aoi) ( Kikyou’s little sister. Training to become a therapist. [Production] Illustration: mintsu ( Lyrics & composition: s_e_beat + Souichirou Egawa ( Planning / script / editing / SFX production: Shirokuma no Yome (Ayaka Igasaki)

Circle:Shirokuma no Yome


Genre:Wholesome,Healing,Kimono / Japanese Clothes,Ear Cleaning

Release date:06/19/2020